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Abbreviations list

List of Abbreviations

List_of_Abbreviations.pdf PDF (29 KB)

AFully automatic
ACAccounting system
BIMFile for building information modeling
CADFile for computer-aided design
CCCoin changer
CC05Chill & Cup 5 l (cooling unit and cup warmer for max. 80 cups)
CGShCoffee grounds separator - hanging version
CGSsCoffee grounds separator - standing version
CHSwiss version
CMCleanMaster cleaning system
CNChinese version
CSPCleaning supplies passport
CVCoin validator
CW270Cup warmer (width 270 mm)
deGerman language
DPEDiaphragm pump external
DMDouble Media Pump Module
ECEasyClean cleaning system
enEnglish language
EUEuropean version
FMFoamMaster (cold and warm milk, cold and warm milk foam)
FOVFeature overview
FS30Flavor Station (add-on unit, 3 flavor pumps)
FS60Flavor Station (add-on unit, 6 flavor pumps)
FSU30Flavor Station (placed under the counter, 3 flavor pumps)
FSU60Flavor Station (placed under the counter, 6 flavor pumps)
FSU60 CMFlavor Station FSU60 CM (placed under the counter, 6 flavor pumps, CleanMaster)
FVFront view
GBBritish version
HHot water spout
ICIced Coffee Module
IMTIndividualMilk Technology
ISUInstruction for safe use
JPJapanese version
KE2004 l cooling unit (add-on unit)
lLarge (tall A300 version)
MSMilk system
MUMilk pump module
NMNoMilk (no steam wand, no steam boiler)
OFOrder form
OMOne Media Pump Module
PPowder system
QFFoodservice equipment
sSmall (low version A300)
SSemi automatic
S1Steam wand (manual)
S2Autosteam (steam wand with temperature sensor)
S3Autosteam Pro (steam wand with temperature sensor and programmable milk foam consistency)
SBSpecialty Beverage Station
SDSSafety data sheet
SU033 l cooling unit (add-on unit)
SU055 l cooling unit (add-on unit)
SU1212 l cooling unit (add-on unit)
SVSide view
TATake Away (larger version)
TankInternal water tank
TDTechnical Datasheet
TSTwoStep (manual milk foam production using steam boiler and steam wand)
TTTender text
TVTop view
TwinTwin system (2 fully automatics with 1 cooling unit)
UC055 l cooling unit (placed under the coffee machine)
UC099 l cooling unit (placed under the coffee machine)
USUS version
UT055 l cooling unit (placed under the counter)
UT1212 l cooling unit (placed under the counter)
UT40 CM4x10 l cooling unit (placed under the counter, CleanMaster)
W1Internal water tank + mains water connection (optional)
W2Mains water connection + internal water tank (optional)
W3Internal water tank
W4Mains water connection