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Planner data

Beyond Traditional

Beyond Traditional - Product line overview


  • 1x Barista module
  • 2x Brewing system iQFlow
  • 2x CleanMaster
  • 1x Steam wand S1 (Alternativ S3)
  • 1x Steam wand S3
  • 2x FoamMaster system
  • 1x Hot water spout
  • 2x Coffee module
  • 1x Cooling unit (2x 4,5l)
  • 2x Grinder (Option 3. and 4.)
  • 2x Pro Heat
  • 1x Powder hopper
  • 2x Purge
  • 2x Pure Shot
  • 1x Cup warmer
  • 2x Touchscreen 8“
  • 1x Drip tray with water drain
  • 1x Water connection G3/8A

List of Abbreviations

Definition of the abbreviations used in the documentation, product lines and device options.


CAD, B.I.M., Certifcations, Documentations, Videos etc.

Planner Data Archive

Planner data for product lines that are no longer produced.