General Information

This section contains forms, care instructions, warranty information and other relevant details about Franke commercial products.

General Information
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Terms, Conditions and Return Policies

This form highlights details pertaining to Franke's Commercial product line.

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Use and Care of Stainless Steel Products

Detailed instructions for stainless steel sinks are highlighted on this sheet.

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Product warranty periods vary depending upon the category. Details contained within.

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Franke's EZ Torque Fastening System

Installing a sink the new Franke way has never been faster, or easier. Here's a quick overview.

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All about Corrosion Resistance

This sheet contains a chart detailing the recommended types of stainless steel for corrosive products.

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Drain Parts and Fittings

Small parts available for commercial products


Franke Hole Drilling Options

Pictorial of faucet hole drilling options.


How to Order Drinking Fountains

Pre-installation drinking fountain kits may be ordered at any time during the building or renovation stage of your project. Or complete packages may be ordered by model name for immediate installation. To help guide you with your choices, you may use this reference guide. Inside you will find all order numbers for framing kits. This same guide will help you with any glass filler accessories you wish to order.

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Medi-flo hand hygiene sink

Introducing Med-flo; a hand hygiene sink that helps control biofilm in the sink and the waste.

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The Types of Stainless Steel

Contained within is an explanation of the different types of stainless steel used to construct Franke sinks.

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Exos Miranit Material

Details of our white Exos Miranit sink material

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