F036930-002 Galaxi filtration kit for KEM modular

The Galaxi® drinking fountain filter kit provides optimum filtration of chlorine, bad taste, odour, lead, sediment and cysts. The activated carbon with a cellulose-free synthetic fiber matrix performs as a sediment filter and a carbon block. It selectively removes dangerous contaminants from drinking water while maintaining water pH balance. The Galaxi® cartridge filters twice as much as a typical filter, resulting in fewer filter changes. Reduces chlorine and articles in accordance with ANSI/NSF STD 42. Reduces cysts and lead in accordance with ANSI/NSF STD 53. Additional phosphate beads inhibit scale for hard water and hot water applications. No carbon fines are released into the water stream. Galaxi® filter kits install within the cabinet for quick and easy filter changes. Kit includes metal mounting bracket, 1 filter cartridge plus housing, tubing and quick connect fittings. Filter kit for Modular KEM series (chilled/unchilled) drinking fountain models.
Replacement filter cartridge may be ordered as #F037116-101.

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