Drinking Fountain Filtration

Filtration element to provide a flexible water treatment solution. Effectively reduces chlorine, odour, lead and cysts resulting in improved drinking water taste and appearance. Spun polypropylene prefilter wrap extends the life of the filter by protecting the media from premature plugging due to sediment. The filter has a unique formulation of powdered carbon plus a patented lead reduction media for high performance filtration. Compression molded into a tight block for maximum containment and cyst reduction. Patented shut-off valve engages automatically as filter is inserted or removed. Self-contained sealed cartridge ensures that hands do not touch the filter media reducing the potential for introducing bacteria.
The filters are easily accessible from insider the cooler for fast and easy filter changes. Designed to last 1500 gallons/5680 litres or approximately six months.
Tested and certified by NSF international to comply with NSF42 and 53 standards.

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Product name 033879-001

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