F037116-101 Galaxi filtration cartridge

The next generation in water filtration—the galaxi—is the only filter needed for optimum filtration of chlorine, bad taste, odour, lead, sediment and cysts: Reduces chlorine and particles in accordance with ANSI/NSF STD 42. Reduces cysts and lead in accordance with ANSI/NSF STD 53. Additional phosphate beads Inhibits scale for hard water and hot water applications. No carbon fines are released into the water stream. Unlike many filters on the market today, the galaxi is designed for long life—reducing filter changes in half. Filters 5,400 gallons (20,000 liters) of water for chlorine taste <(>&<)> odour. Filters 3,000 gallons (11,350 liters) of water for lead. The galaxi is designed as a topmount filter for use in our Franke filter kits—the eco-friendly water filter system that reduces unnecessary filter housing waste.

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