Hand Hygiene Sinks

White solid surface hand hygiene sink with removable shroud. Left rear 1 1/2" (DN 40) waste location to prevent water from splashing directly into the waste. An anti-splash feature runs through the centre of the sink to greatly reduce splashing. Infra-red controls trigger an illuminated crystal clear true laminar flow water stream delivering water with dissolved ozone and other mixed oxidants on demand. Flow rate is 5l (1.32gal)/min. Ozonated water has been proven as a safe and extremely effective way to help sanitize the sink and the waste and improve the efficiency of hand washing (even if a user does not use soap). 

Other control features include; a post-wash cycle of 3 seconds to wash soap residue and bacteria down the sink. A daily purge cycle prevents water from stagnating in the drain lines and traps, ensuring continuous waste disinfection. Recommended for areas with normal water conductivity in range of 75-350 TDS. If unaware of your local water conductivity, please contact customer service and this can easily be determined for you. Recommended water temperature is between 27-35°C. Hand hygiene sinks are specifically designed for hand washing only. They are not recommended as a drinking source, for washing utensils or for draining of medical bags or bedpans.

Medi-flo is cUPC certified and is compliant with CSA B45.5-11/IAPMO Z124-2011 and IGC156-2012el. Meets and exceeds various national healthcare standards; ie, CSAZ8000. Wheelchair accessible: meets ADA, ANSI A117.1 and CSA B651-04. Patent Pending. 

An optional handheld programmer (AC01-005) enables hand-hygiene data logging and para­meter adjustments such as sensor range and ozone run times. A plug-in transformer required for generation of mixed oxidants is included. Our pre-set thermostatic mixing valve is also available as part number MEDI-MIX. Franke's in-wall carrier (IWC2104) is also available for quicker installation.

Item number

Product name HWSS2321W-00

Product properties

gross weight 24.94 kg
material synthetic
material code Miranit
overall depth (front-back) 21''
overall height 23 3/8''
overall width (left-right) 23''
type of mounting WALL-MOUNTING
colour white
bowl depth 9 3/4''
Bowl front to back 17 3/8''
Bowl left to right 21 5/8''
overflow no
waste size DN 40
Bowl finish high polished
type of waste kit domed waste
Wheelchair compliant Yes

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