Hand Hygiene Sinks

Z8000 Compliant Antimicrobial Hand Hygiene Sink with integral shroud. 18 gauge (1.2 mm) type 304 stainless steel. Right rear waste location to prevent water from splashing directly into the waste from both the faucet and during hand washing. Integral 1 1/2" (DN 40) tailpiece is welded to the bottom of the basin. Waste is left open and shaped to prevent the assembly of plugs, strainers and anti-splash fittings which are not allowed by the Z8000 guidelines. High back and side walls contain splashing and protect adjacent surfaces from contamination.  
Recommended for laminar flow, user temperature controlled, splash mounted faucet. Due to the strength and lightness of stainless steel, an in wall carrier is not required and the sink can be carried and installed by one person. A wall hanger bracket is used to mount the sink to the wall. This fixture is coated with SANIGUARD® product protection. SANIGUARD® product protection is applied to all exposed surfaces of the sink. This treatment utilizes a silver ion technology to inhibit the growth of bacteria, molds and mildews. Silver ions are only released in the presence of bacteria-laden moisture and disrupt the metabolic and reproductive cycles of the micro-organisms. Intended for hand washing only. The use of sharp utensils or heavy equipment in the sink can chip and mar the treated surface, rendering Saniguard ineffectual; thereby voiding the warranty.Patent Pending / Industrial Design Registration Pending. 

Model Options:
HWSS1518P-00 - no hole
HWSS1518P-00/1 - 1 faucet hole Ø1 1/8" (29 mm) 9" (228 mm) from top of basin, with anti rotation pin hole Ø0.25" (6.3 mm) below.

Item number

cUPC approval yes
Product name HWSS1518P-00

Product properties

gross weight 24.56 kg
material code 1.4301 Chrome Nickel steel V2A
net weight 0.00 kg
overall depth (front-back) 18''
overall height 28 5/8''
overall width (left-right) 15''
type of mounting WALL-MOUNTING
surface treatment Saniguard
bowl depth 10''
Bowl front to back 14''
Bowl left to right 14''
overflow no
waste size DN 40
type of basin Single Compartment
type of waste kit integral tailpiece

Additional product information

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