Wash troughs

WASHINO Children's Wash-and-Play Trough made of MIRANIT resin-bonded mineral material, with a smooth, pore-free surface (temperature-resistant up to 80°C). Alpine white colour. Wave-shaped basins with reduced extension to increase accessibility to the faucet, large outer radii of basins helps minimize risk of injury, large inner radii facilitate easy cleaning. Faucet deck with 3 faucet holes, 1 3/8" (35 mm). Waste and overflow valve DN 40 x 120 mm implemented as a standpipe. Integral back panel for fixing. Mounting material included. 
Required waste fitting (sold separately) Model #100  

3 wash places.

Item number

Product name SANW215

Product properties

gross weight 92.50 kg
material mineral material
material code Miranit
net weight 67.50 kg
Overall front to back 17 11/16''
overall height 9 7/16''
Overall left to right 63''
type of mounting wall mounting
number of faucet holes 3
Faucet ledge yes
waste size DN 40
type of waste kit 1 1/2" duplex waste with standpipe
number of waste holes 2
number of wash places 3

Additional product information

Product Pictures
ZPO_001_2000106654-SANW215_nd1000-1x1.png PNG (977 KB)
Perspective Drawing
ZDL_001_2000106654-SANW215_#SALL_high.png PNG (301 KB)
Technical Drawing Marketing
ZTE_001_2000106654-SANW215_#SALL_high.png PNG (301 KB)
Mounting Instruction
zmi_001_2000106654-sanw215_#sall_#aqu_#v1.pdf PDF (312 KB)
Marketing Drawing
ZTN_001_2000106654-SANW215_#SALL_#AQU_#V1.dxf DXF (561 KB)
Spare Parts List
ZSP_001_2000106654-SANW215_#SALL_#AQU_#V2.pdf PDF (88 KB)
zsp_001_2000106654_sanw215_#sall_#aqu_#v2.pdf PDF (88 KB)
Installation Manuals Drawing
ZID_001_2000106654-SANW215_#SALL_#AQU_#V1.tif TIF (119 KB)
BIM Files / 3D Drawing
zbi_001_2000106654_sanw215_#sall_#aqu_#v1.rfa RFA (528 KB)

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