Soap dispensers

Chrome soap dispenser manufactured from chromium plated brass.
Incorporates a replaceable 1 litre polyethylene container for use with liquid soap standard. Support rod fits 7/8" to 1 1/4" (22 - 32 mm) opening.

Item number

Product name SD80V

Product properties

gross weight 0.00 kg
material brass
net weight 0.00 kg
Overall front to back 5 1/2''
overall height 15 7/16''
Overall left to right 1 3/4''
filling quantity 1
filling quantity uom liter
type of consumable liquid soap
Type of operation Manual operation
type of soap container integrated refillable tank

Additional product information

Product Pictures
ZPO_001_2000102393-SD80_nd1000-1x1.png PNG (977 KB)
Technical Drawing Marketing
ZTE_001_2000102393-SD80V_#SALL_high.png PNG (301 KB)

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