Office building washroom

A public showcase opportunity. 

Washrooms in office buildings project company values to visitors while also constituting an elementary feel-good factor for employees that can have a motivating impact on them. Clear shapes and easy-care surfaces based on contemporary designs foster a friendly atmosphere in a hygienic environment and help to reduce costs.

Take charge of your own image and provide a level of personal flair and exclusivity. We will support you with unique products, high-quality details, and instantly identifiable concepts.

With the new EXOS. system line, Franke Commercial Systems offers an end-to-end design and implementation concept, from sink to soap dispenser - also for wheelchair accessible areas.


The world of Franke Commercial Systems

Innovative system solutions have been the hallmark of Franke for decades. The futuristic equipment elements from Franke Commercial Systems are met with great enthusiasm for their excellent quality, durability, and design. The areas of application are vast, and the possibilities are simply endless. This brochure shows you our North American collection.