Sink grids for easier cooking and cleaning

We know how professionals love the best ingredients – and the best accessories. So we’ve created a wonderful selection of functional tools perfectly designed for each Franke sink, to help make food preparation easier than ever.  

Simple and versatile

Using the integrated ledge system, our grids let you switch quickly between different tasks – whether you’re preparing food or drying dishes.

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Our patented Integral Ledge System

Unique to Franke, the shelf grid uses the patented integral ledge to create a raised surface, so it’s easier and more comfortable to work at the sink.


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Sink Bottom Grid

Sits on the bottom of your Franke sink:

  • works as a rinsing sieve
  • acts as an extra surface for preparing or washing food
  • protects the base of the sink from scratches
  • PVC feet raise the grid slightly

Shelf Grid

Rests on the ledge of your Franke sink:

  • acts as a removable surface for draining dishes and glasses
  • use as a trivet for hot dishes straight from the oven
  • use as a preparation surface for washing and rinsing fruit and vegetables

Strainer Basket

Made for Franke sinks:

  • satin nickel or chrome finish
  • one size


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