Franke Workcenter Sinks

With our new workcenter range, everything runs smoothly. With flawless features and details, these sinks will maximize efficiency in your kitchen area.

A workspace that is as  beautiful as it is functional. Our space-saving integrated kitchen tools offer endless practicality for cooking, prepping, and cleaning, so you can enjoy your kitchen as it’s meant to be—a centerpiece of the home and a place to spend time with friends and family.

Do More With Your Sink

The kitchen is the busiest place in the home, and a Franke Workcenter can handle many kitchen duties. From food prep to clean-up and much more, these multi-functional sinks offer increased workspace by turning your sink into a space that adds functionality in one location.

White kitchen island with a Maris matte black workstation granite kitchen sink and matching matte black kitchen faucet and soap dispenser

Integrated Kitchen Tools

Franke workcenters are the modern day workstation that functions much like it does in the commercial kitchen, organizing everday kitchen tasks.  

The unique accessory ledge perfectly  integrates custom-fitted kitchen tools into the sink, creating ergonomic elevated workspaces to help save time and space in the kitchen.

Vegetables being prepared over a stainless steel single bowl Cube sink using the ALL IN accessory system

Beautifully Integrated

It all works together perfectly. Designed to be the heart of the kitchen, these new workcenters are the epitome of efficiency and organization. Built for the way professionals work to make cooking ventures easier.

Peak Matte Black granite workcenter sink paired with matching matte black faucet and soap dispenser

Optimized Efficiency

An efficient prep zone in the kitchen is a must, and it is where we spend the majority of the time when fueling our bodies with healthy food and drinks. Franke workcenters support everyday functions in the kitchen by consolidating separate areas into one space.

Unique Benefits

All The Essentials

Chopping Boards

Prepare or serve your food on a generous chopping board that fits over the sink, making it easy to move scraps into the sink.

Franke Roller Mat

Sink Roller Mat

Franke classic that is not only useful and versatile but also a very elegant addition to your sink.

Franke stainless steel sink grid

Multi-Level Grids

Sink grid raises to sit upon the integrated ledge creating a higher level work space. Expands your workspace when you prep, rinse, serve, and clean.

Stainless Steel Colander

A beautiful colander bowl that simply fits. The anti-scratch frame glides perfectly on the edge of the sink. Move it to where you need it.

All Shapes and Sizes

Explore the many variations of Franke Workcenter sinks

Workcenter Digital Brochure - Click to Download

Franke Workcenter Brochure

Download the digital brochure for more information on our Workcenter sinks.