Maris Sinks - Modern Looks and Clever Features

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Savor every delicious detail

Wonderful together, yet individually impressive,  our Maris sinks boast an exceptional range of features that are made for everyday use and easy maintenance– giving you more time to enjoy the everyday family moments that matter most.

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All the ingredients for a harmonious home

Adding harmony and balance to your kitchen, laundry room and life. Maris sinks are the perfect addition; pairing modern looks with clever features and creating the ideal union of design and functionality.

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You are going to love this sink

Maris is beautiful in every one of its Granite colors. But it's also highly functional. The large bowls mean there's ample space for any kitchen or laundry task. The Sanitized® protection helps to keep sinks clean and reduces bacteria growth. If you're looking for high function and gorgeous sophistication, look no further.

A wonderful choice for busy family homes

Made from quartz - one of the hardest materials known to man - Granite is unaffected by temperatures up to 536°F. It’s also resistant to impacts and thermal shock, and so scratch resistant that even knives won’t mark the surface. So Maris sinks keep looking good for longer. 

Easy to clean and exceptionally hygienic, Franke granite sinks are treated with Sanitized® - incorporating silver ions within the material, to reduce bacteria and microbe growth by 99%, protecting you and your loved ones

Overview of Franke Granite Sinks

Sink essentials

Custom fit accessories designed to enhance life and bring multi-functional use to these Maris sinks.

sink colander on white background

Stainless Steel Colander

Sits on the accessory rail of the sink and easily glides across the sink.

Maris sink roller mat on a white background

Roller Mat

The perfect accessory for rinsing vegetables or fruit, or as a trivet for hot cookware. Fits over the sink freeing up counter space.

Maris roller mat on white background

Laundry/Utility Roller Mat

The utility roller mat sits over your sinks and the wide spaces bars allows you to hang items to air dry.

Maris sink cutting board on white background

Solid Wood Cutting Board

Provides a stable work area for cutting and prepping.

Wonderful, whichever you choose

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Maris Brochure

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