All-In. The Flexible Food Preparation System For Any Kitchen Sink*

Transforming your sink into a stylish and playful workstation, All-In is the flexible food preparation system designed to bring more flow to your kitchen and life.

*Up to 21 1/4"


Eight accessories, endless uses

Configurations to suit every lifestyle

All-In is available in three configurations to suit the varying needs of consumers:

Bananas being sliced on a bamboo cutting board


Using the bamboo board, telescopic bridge, strainer and collector bowls,

All-In can help you:

  • Chop vegetables and other ingredients
  • Collect the cut food
  • Collect peelings and deal with waste
  • Store prepped ingredients in the fridge
large pot of pasta resting on a silicone mat on a kitchen counter


The bridge, strainer bowls and foldable pad are really useful at the cooking stage and you can:

  • Rest pots and pans on the bridge while filling them from the tap
  • Use the strainer to drain pasta, or other ingredients
  • Stand hot pans and dishes on the foldable pad to protect work surfaces
glasses drying on a kitchen counter on the All-In silicone sink mat


When it’s time to wash up, the bridge, strainer bowls and foldable pad can also help you to:

  • Drain glasses and dishes
  • Drain cutlery and cooking utensils