Granite, the jewel in your kitchen

Beauty is even better when it’s durable. A granite sink by Franke is not only scratch-resistant and easy to clean, but also wonderfully designed. You’ll always be proud to show off its style, craftsmanship and perfect functionality.

Make sure it’s a Franke


During its life, a typical sink has to withstand the ravages of 132 lbs of steel wool, up to 68 gallons of drain cleaner, millions of hot grease splashes and billions of germs. All good reasons to invest in a Franke Granite sink. Franke Granite is up to 80% quartz, the hardest component of granite. The material is bonded using high-quality acrylic resin which makes the sink incredibly robust. In addition, our granite sinks do not require chemical cleaners, helping reduce the amount of chemicals entering the water supply.


Ready for everything

Life in the family kitchen comes in all shapes and sizes. Fortunately, we’ve developed our own granite with sanitization technology. The result: a sink that always looks wonderful and stays hygienic, however busy it gets. For instance:

  • Highly reduced bacterial growth: Microbial growth can double every 20 minutes. Our unique granite treatment strongly reduces this, making cleaning easier and more effective.
  • Hard wearing: Franke Granite sinks resist stains, chips and heat up to 536° F.
  • Long-lasting: Our quartz sand is kiln fired with color particles at 1112° F. This ensures even coloring that is permanently light fast.

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Feel the difference

Run your fingers over the fine-grain, sealed surface and you know you’re touching something extra special, made for today’s high-demand kitchens. Franke Granite comes in nine classic colors, which you can match with any of our color-coordinated faucets.

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Keeping your Franke Granite sink perfect

A little bit of daily care is all you need to keep your sink looking as good as new.

Please avoid:

  • Scouring liquid or powder – these may scratch the surface
  • Powerful alkaline liquids – i.e. strong ammonia or caustic soda solutions
  • Chemical drain cleaners that require your sink to be filled with water

Wonderfully easy daily care

Simply use a nylon brush and soapy water. Brush in a circular motion and rinse thoroughly. Dry after use to prevent any film build-up from hard water deposits. Never use abrasive powders or pads. This can dull and scratch the surface and make it more susceptible to stains.

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Dealing with tough stains and rust


Most stains are a result of water-borne minerals and are generally avoided by the daily care routine recommended above. Persistent stains can be removed with a variety of non-abrasive cleaners, liquid soap, vinegar (for lime scale) or a bleach solution. Rust stains are a result of iron particles from an outside source (i.e. water, cookware, etc.) and can be removed with cleaners containing oxalic acid. Always rinse thoroughly after using any cleaner.

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Sanitized® Material

Bacteria can spread quickly, particularly in kitchens, so special attention to hygiene is always important. On unprotected material, bacteria can multiply every 20 minutes. The integrated Sanitized® hygiene function in Franke sinks helps to keep this area clean and provides the sink with lasting protection.

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