By Franke

Franke introduces new Fragranite sinks

On-trend metallic look and simple mounting system

Franke is expanding its line of Fragranite kitchen sinks with new models and colors. One of the new additions to the range is the Urban sink, boasting a modern design and an impressive mounting system. Both the new Fresno sink and the existing, popular line of Kubus 2 sinks are available in new Super Metallic colors, which add sparkle and elegance to any modern kitchen.

Fragranite sinks from Franke incorporate a number of outstanding features – they are fade-resistant, impact-resistant and scratch-resistant, as well as heat-resistant up to 530° F (280°C). Thanks to its composition, Fragranite looks and feels like natural stone: The main component is extremely hard quartz sand, bonded with composite resin. But unlike stone, Fragranite can be poured into a mold. 

The Integrated Antimicrobial Sanitized® Technology helps to keep the kitchen a “Clean Zone”. Kitchens need to be bacteria free and this is why Franke has been partnering with Sanitized®. All Franke Fragranite sinks are being treated with this antimicrobial technology during the production process.