Introducing Franke Professional Series

Built-In Ovens

Whether it's cooking for 2 or 12 people, this oven will give you the flexibility you need and is perfect for slow roasting, baking, or the family favourite, lasagna. With larger capacity comes larger utensils and crockery, so we have equipped this oven with a heavy duty racking system and telescopic runners to ensure that you are operating the oven safely. To top it off, we've also added a pyrolytic function to make life a lot easier, eliminating the need for expensive chemicals or specialist cleaner to keep your oven clean.

Cooktops Inspired by Highland

For over 25 years Highland cooktops have been proudly designed, assembled and sold in Australia from a small factory in Melbourne. Operated by a team of passionate and dedicated workers the cooktops are hand tested, tuned and carefully packed to ensure that the quality and the heritage of the Highland brand is enjoyed by all our customers. The Franke Professional Series is inspired by this treasured heritage and through close association with Highland appliances the passion and dedication for precision and performance will live on in the Franke Professional Series.

Freestanding Cookers

If you're serious about cooking then the Franke Professional Series freestanding cooker will be the perfect tool for making your cooking dreams come true. Rest assured that our commitment to quality is as high for this range as we have for everything that we do.

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