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For over 100 years, every Franke product has been carefully designed with Swiss precision that ensures you can feel the quality and craftsmanship of every piece. 

It is our job to inspire and amaze you. That is why we create products to make you smile and feel special. We want you to experience products that truly enhance your life.

This is the reason why Franke is present in over 100 million homes around the world and that's what inspires us to Make It Wonderful.


Introducing Maris Granite Sinks

The new Maris Fragranite sinks meet all the requirements for modern kitchen use. It is made from Fragranite to last a lifetime, and the material is treated with Sanitized: silver ions that prevent germs, mould and bad smells.But above all, Maris is spectacularly big. With no drainer, washing baking trays, pots and pans has never been easier. The minimalist design with drain cover and hidden overflow lends Maris a timeless aesthetic, natural look and comfortable feel.

Introducing All-In Accessories

Transforming your sink into a stylish, playful workstation, All-In is the flexible food preparation system designed to bring more flow to your kitchen and life. Well-equipped and intuitive, this modular system that fits any sink* has all you need to prepare meals with ease - putting the accessories you need within easy reach. Designed to save both time and space, All-In lets you customise your work area to suit your needs perfectly – giving you full control and allowing you to shift seamlessly between different tasks.