Box Center BWX 220-54/27 SBR Stainless Steel

The Franke Box Centre instils the act of cooking with a satisfying sense of order. Subverting the traditional sink-and-drainer setup, the Box Centre transforms your kitchen sink into a practical workstation, with all your essentials for meal prep living in the smaller bowl of your sink.

The accessories: plastic and wooden chopping boards and inox strainer bowl are supremely organised in the compartment bowl.

Product Information

Cabinet Size
900.00 mm
Length overall
860.00 mm
Width overall
510.00 mm
Length of large bowl
540.00 mm
Width of large bowl
410.00 mm
Depth of large bowl
200.00 mm
Length of small bowl
270.00 mm
Width of small bowl
480.00 mm
Depth of small bowl
200.00 mm
Position of small bowl
Right hand side
Opposite Configuration

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