Maris Fragranite Bowl: A sink that satisfies all around

If you like to spend time in the kitchen, the Maris bowl brings maximum comfort. It is the center of all activities and convinces with an impressive design. Moreover, it offers a lot of space, is extremely durable, and enhanced with Sanitized®, silver ions that prevent germs and bacteria from growing.


No need for a drainer

The most efficient and sustainable way to wash dishes is to use a dishwasher. That's why we left out the drainer in this bowl. Now you have much more space and large kitchen objects such as oven tray and pots can be washed comfortably in the scratchresistant sink.


Maris is very minimalist

Our Maris bowls are not only an attraction in the kitchen, they just perfectly fit. No matter how your kitchen is furnished, with us you will find the right color and the right model. A minimalist product for everyday use and easy maintenance.

A match with your kitchen

Maris is an ultimate improvement to your kitchen. Our products offer modern looks, clever functions, and plenty of space - they combine design and functionality. With a Maris bowl you have a product that simply fits and creates a lot of pleasure and convenience.

A perfectly finished bowl

Our bowls are beautifully designed, minimalist objects that will blend into your kitchen and simply belong. With their extremely thin rim, they are among the most striking design bowls on the market. Moreover, the bowls are offered with drain cover and hidden overflow.

Spacious, durable, and hygienic

Whether for cooking, preparing food or washing up, long-lasting and functional products are in demand in modern everyday family lives. The Maris bowl fits in ideally. It offers a world-class durability. It is spacious and enhanced with Sanitized® that prevents germs from growing.

Delightfully long lasting

The bowl includes quartz: one of the hardest materials known – and is resistant to temperatures up to 280° C. It's also resilient to impact and thermal shock, and so scratch-resistant that even knives won't leave marks on the surface.

Amazingly hygienic

What would a bowl be if it wasn't easy to clean? Our bowls are simple to wash and particularly hygienic because they are enhanced with Sanitized®, a material that contains silver ions that reduce the growth of bacteria and microbes by 99%.

For people who prefer a lot of space

Think big – also, in terms of the bowl. Because when it comes to cooking, baking, preparing, or washing up, things simply work better when you have plenty of space. Look forward to more room, more efficiency, and more creativity in the kitchen.


  • Impressive size and design
  • World class durable material
  • Absolutely hygienic
  • Diversity of models and colors
  • Easy installation of the bowl
  • Super thin rim

Discover Fragranite Maris Bowls

 | MRG 220/120-35-35 | Fragranite Matt Black | Sinks

MRG 220/120-35-35

Cabinet Size:
800.00 mm 
Length overall:
753.00 mm 
Length of large bowl:
345.00 mm 
 | MRG 210/110-52 | Fragranite Polar White | Sinks

MRG 210/110-52

Cabinet Size:
600.00 mm 
Length overall:
553.00 mm 
Length of large bowl:
520.00 mm 
 | MRG 610-72 | Fragranite Stone Grey | Sinks

MRG 610-72

Cabinet Size:
800.00 mm 
Length overall:
760.00 mm 
Length of large bowl:
720.00 mm 
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