Noodle Cooker

Easy to operate for your team and profitable for you

Product Overview

The Franke Noodle Cooker is simple and intuitive to operate.  A quick setting of your desired temperature and cook times will have you serving hassle free, perfectly cooked noodles, in no time at all.  Are you serving noodles that require a cold rinse after cooking?  We have you covered with an automated cold water rinse feature.  Available in 3, 4, or 6 basket configurations, there is a solution to fit any size restaurant or cooking volume requirement.

Noodle Cooker Benefits

Save Time

  • Short startup time
  • Adjustable cooking time – per basket
  • Automatic basket action – up and down
  • Automatic cold-water noodle rinse system
  • Continuous skimming design
  • Quick water temperature recovery time for continuous operation

Work Safely

  • Heating element with resettable overheat fuse
  • Water level sensor with low-water alarm
  • High voltage system in separate shielded compartment

Rely on Quality

  • High quality stainless steel
  • Commercial grade components and motors