Drinking fountains unchilled ANIMA

Drinking water fountain for floor or wall mounting, stainless steel, surface satin finished, material thickness 1 mm, flat pressed top, rectangular shape, rounded edges, without overflow, 1 1/2" flat perforated waste, drainage centric, incl. premounted 3/8" manual self closing drinking bubbler, with floor standing trap cover, incl. screws and dowels.

Item number

SAP# 2000071854
Produktname ANMX301

Product properties

gross weight 9.90 kg
material code 1.4301 Chrome-nickel steel V2A (AISI 304)
net weight 9.50 kg
overall depth 260.00 mm
overall height 840.00 mm
overall width 310.00 mm
type of mounting FLOOR-MOUNTING
type of operation MANUAL-OPERATION
Bowl - Height 20.00 mm
bowl - depth 256.00 mm
bowl - width 210.00 mm
waste size DN 20
outlet size DN 20
surface material stainless steel
drinking bubbler included
glass filler no

Additional product information

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