Clean and sterile

The design and planning of hygienically sensitive areas in hospitals and care facilities require special attention. Functionality, material selection and ease of cleaning are key when it comes to the fixtures and fittings in sanitary and cleaning rooms.

Multiple washbasins for medical facilities

In the operating theatre, upholding the highest hygiene standards means creating a sterile environment. Before every operation, the care team in the theatre need to intensively clean their arms and hands right up to their elbows to avoid any possible transfer of germs and bacteria onto the patient.

The seamless VARIUSmed multiple washbasins made of MIRANIT resin-bonded mineral material are especially designed for this purpose. Their ergonomic shape provides doctors and care staff with the optimal conditions for comfortably washing and disinfecting their hands and arms.

The multiple washbasins are completely coated with Gelcoat. The hygienic, smooth surfaces effectively prevent bacteria and microorganisms from sticking.

Utility sinks made to measure

Cleanliness also plays an important part in non-sterile cleaning rooms. For this purpose, we manufacture the hygienic and specially designed VARIUSmed utility basins made to measure. With up to 2 large bowls and generously proportioned storage surfaces, the basins provide ideal working conditions for washing the hospital and cleaning equipment as well as when disposing of dirty water.