Countertop washbasins with integrated seal

Customised hand washbasin concepts make for attractive, memorable design options. Clarity, elegance and harmony of both form and materials establish a contemporary design. Beautiful and elegant, the new RONDAtop and QUADROtop countertop mineral granite washbasins lend washrooms an exclusive feel!

Furthermore, the new countertop washbasins by Franke offer a unique special feature that is invisible from the outside. A seal that is integrated into the mounting edge from below enables the washbasin to be installed quickly and easily on the frame. Additional sealing with silicone is no longer necessary.


The new QUADROtop countertop washbasins harmoniously blend into the room together with the raised F5 washbasin taps.


An all-round winner in the looks department: the new RONDAtop countertop washbasins combined with the F3E bib taps, also look good in a row.

Flowing precision

Clear lines that harmonise with its soft, smooth design characterise the QUADROtop washbasin with and without an overflow.

Aesthetically geometry

RONDAtop washbasins with elegant, circular shape are available with or without a tap ledge and can be wonderfully combined with taps from the F5 line.


The new countertop washbasins can be quickly and cleanly installed thanks to the unique, integrated seal.

... seal

Additional sealing with silicone is no longer necessary.

German Design Award 2020 nomination for RONDAtop

The new RONDAtop countertop washbasins have been nominated for the German Design Award 2020! RONDAtop was nominated in the 'Excellent Product Design' class of the competition in the 'Bath and Wellness' category by the German Design Council.


Smooth, high-gloss, solid: The washbasin material MIRANIT

MIRANIT, the washbasin material, is a stable compound consisting of approximately 80% natural minerals such as marble powder, sandstone and quartz sand and approximately 20% high-quality unsaturated polyester resin. Despite their delicate material thickness and elegant, flowing bowls, products made of mineral granite composite are extremely sturdy and break-proof. The smooth, non-porous gel coat gives the washbasins - made from a single cast - their smooth finish. This coloured, easy-to-clean gel coat is extremely durable. Even water temperatures of up to 80 °C do not have a detrimental effect on the gel coat surface of the standard Alpine white finish.

White dome waste valves are also available as optional accessories for a visually consistent bowl surface.


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