Motorway Service Station Sanitary Facility

A pit stop that everyone is familiar with - and onethat everyone should remember as having been a positive and clean experience.

Nowhere is there such an anonymous coming and going of people as is encountered at the toilet facilities in motorway service stations. It takes robust and easy-care sanitary facilities to provide a long service life, hygiene and protection against destruction.

Apart from high-quality materials that guarantee cleanliness and functional safety we can also offer you solutions to prevent damage caused by vandalism. Just ask for the Franke Heavy Duty Line.

Product Brochure

The world of Franke Water Systems

Innovative system solutions have been the hallmark of Franke for decades. The futuristic equipment elements from Franke Water Systems are met with great enthusiasm for their excellent quality, durability and design. The areas of application are vast, and the possibilities are simply endless. This brochure shows you just a small cross section of them.