Fittings for toilets, urinals, wash basins and showers are becoming ever more sophisticated when it comes to water saving, ease of installation and operation. The use of robust materials, reliable technology and surface finishes makes the AQUA range suitable for public, commercial or industrial premises.

Hospital equipment

In hospitals and other medical applications, hygiene is the highest priority. Therefore stainless steel is often the only choice.SELECT


The range of electronic- and self-closing valves provides a choice of designs with or without temperature mixing. The water flows for a defined period, and then the fitting closes automatically. Good aesthetic design...SELECT

Flushing systems

Reliability is the key when it comes to flushing systems. Standards of cleanness, hygiene and economical efficiency should apply for all urinal and toilet installations. Franke's flushing systems help to ensures an o...SELECT


High water and energy requirements are due to the high frequency of gyms, camping sites, wellness areas, schools, pools, .... Depending on the area of application, we recommend self-closing valves, self-closing mixer...SELECT

Water management

The new AQUA 3000 open water management system provides a wide range of automatic water control options even at the fittings level, such as thermal disinfection and peak-load optimisation, thus offering optimum hygie...SELECT