Consumables for washroom accessories including soap and cleaning materials
  • E-STRX680

    WC-seat paper, 250 pieces per packing
  • E-XINX616 FOAM

    Soap dispenser cartridge (filled) for foam soap dispenser XINX616, STRX616, RODX616, 650ml, incl. foam soap (Minimum order quantity 9 bottles)
  • FH68

    Folded paper towels, 1 package contains 168 pieces, minimum order quantity 20 packages per box.
  • HB140

    Hygiene bag (paper) fits to hygiene-bag-dispenser STRX615, XINX615, RODX612, 100 pc. per box.
  • HBD191B

    Hygiene bag for hygiene-bag-dispenser HBD191/RODX191, 30 pc. per box.
  • INOX-Creme

    INOX-creme, 250 g stainless steel cleaner tube, not irritant white paste with lemon scent, easily biodegradable, pH-value 3,5, non-combustible
  • Multiclean

    Multiclean, 500 ml stainless steel cleaner bottle, not irritant, an aequeous white gel paste combining herbal soap and fine ground crystobolite silica, easily biodegradable, pH-value 10, non-combustible
  • RT ++

    Micro fibre towel, 320 x 320 mm
  • SO10L

    Liquid soap, organical, 10 liters canister.
  • SO1L

    Liquid soap, organical, 1 liter bottle.(Minimum order quantity 6 bottles)

    FRANKE Twister, 125 ml, can incl. sponge, ideal for stainless steel surfaces, not irritant