Waste Disposers



F A S T E R. F I N E R. G R E E N E R.

The new smarter engineered line of waste disposers from Franke take less time to do the job, grind to septic system compatible level of fineness in ALL models and use less energy. These energy efficient and environmentally friendly waste disposers are superior in every way from price to performance.

Permanent Magnet D/C motors with 30% more torque than induction motors. ALL exceed the competition with induction motors by 900-1100 rpms.

Highly efficient D/C motor is 3-5 pounds lighter than induction motors for easier installation

  • Longest warranties in the industry
  • Finer grinding for septic system compatibility in ALL models, with no additional chemicals needed
  • Faster grinding for less energy consumption
  • Snap and Lock Mounting system, compatible with most popular brands for easy replacement
Running a waste disposer without any contents is where the decibel level is measured for some competitors.


This chart indicates the relative efficiency of FRANKE’s Permanent Magnet Motors compared to the leading competitor’s Induction Motors without grinding any food.

Similar conditions apply to all operating modes of the disposers.

Amps at 115V 60Hz
   FRANKE Disposer: 0.99
   Leading Competitor Model 4.34

Amps at 230V 50Hz
   Franke Disposer 0.41
   Leading Competitor Model 2.84

Franke Waste Disposers