Sink Selection Guide

Franke Stainless Steel Undermount Sink




Matching your personal needs with specific sink features will ultimately help you choose the sink that is best for you and your home. However, knowing what features on which to focus and what they mean to you is not always obvious. There are generally five features that should be considered:


  1. Installation Type
  2. Material
  3. Bowl Configuration
  4. Cabinet Size
  5. Bowl Depth


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Installation Type


  • Undermount

The sink is mounted beneath the surface of the countertop. This method is ideal for use with solid surface materials like marble, granite, and stone. A stylish look is created by eliminating the visibility of the sink lip and allows for quick convenient clean-ups.


  • Topmount

A sink is lowered into the countertop cutout and its rim rests on the surface of the counter. This is an ideal method of installation for simple sink or faucet replacements. It can be used with virtually any countertop material but is not desirable for solid surfaces, where the rim could be considered obtrusive.


  •  Apron Front

An Apron Front sink is pushed into the exact dimensional countertop cutout. It can also be undermounted with the rear and sides under the countertop and the front exposed.


Franke Stainless Steel Sink




  • Stainless Steel

Easy to clean, resists heat very well, good stain resistance.


  • Cast Iron

Good stain and scratch resistance, heat resistant, easy to clean.


  • Fireclay

Very good stain resistance, different colors available, good heat resistance.


Franke Stainless Steel Undermount Double Bowl Sink


Bowl Configuration


  • Single Bowl

A single bowl sink is ideal for handling large pots. Single bowl sinks can come in a variety of sizes, ideal for limited space or large spaces and can be used as the main sink or as a kitchen island sink.

Single bowl sinks can provide a simple yet attractive design.


  • Double bowl

Larger sinks provide more space and have additional options. These sinks offer a great flexibility in the kitchen, such as having one bowl for washing and one for rinsing dishes, or one bowl can be used for food prep, while the other is used for dirty dishes.


  •  Triple Bowl

A triple bowl sink is ideal for someone who needs to manage several sink tasks at once. It offers some flexibility, although the bowls are sometimes much smaller.


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Cabinet Size


The length and depth of the cabinet, on top of which the sink will be located, are the factors that determine the maximum size of an installed sink. A new sink should have exterior length and depth dimensions several inches less than the cabinet.


Franke Stainless Steel Undermount Single Bowl Sink


Bowl Depth


Normal depth usually ranges from 7-10 inches. A deeper bowl can more easily accommodate the use of large pots and cookware but a user’s height should be considered. A shallower bowl might provide greater comfort while working in and reaching to the bottom of the sink. Depth can also be inhibited by accessories under the sink like a garbage disposal, recycling bin, etc.