Franke granite sinks contain “fired” granite (80%) with acrylic resin for extreme durability. There is no surface coating on the sink – the material, and color, is consistent throughout the sink. The non-porous surface makes the sink very hygienic. Even colored liquids such as red wine will not stain.

Recommended Daily Care


Regular cleaning is important to maintain the appearance of your Franke sink. The entire surface of a granite sink is textured. Use a soapy nylon brush in a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly.


Rinsing and drying after use is very important to eliminate any film build-up that may develop from hard water deposits.


NOTE: Never use abrasive powders or pads. This will dull and scratch the surface and make it more susceptible to stains.

Tough Stains and Rust


Most stains are a result of water-borne minerals. Such stains can collect in the film build-up and can generally be avoided with the daily care recommendations above. Persistent stains can be removed with a variety of non-abrasive cleaners such as Soft Scrub®, Bar Keepers Friend®, dishwasher soap, vinegar (for lime scale) or bleach solution. Rust stains are a result of iron particles from an outside source (i.e., water, cookware, etc.) and can be removed with cleaners containing oxalic acid (Bar Keepers Friend®). Always rinse thoroughly after using any cleaner.

What To Avoid
  • Strong alkalis (ammonia and caustic soda solution) are not recommended.
  • Drain unblocking chemicals involving filling the sink with water should not be used.