Franke Logo

The brand name is everything that Franke represents, namely: leadership, service consciousness and intelligent solutions. The Franke brand is protected. It is a valuable asset that incorporates the quality of Franke services. Therefore, Franke’s brand name is always used with the utmost care.

The Group logo


The Franke logo consists of three red squares, each containing two letters. Red represents dynamics and strength in innovation and therefore is the Franke corporate color. In order to retain the uniform and strong presence, used in its proper format, the Franke logo can only appear in the original form or in the various versions specified by Franke.


The logo is the most important identifying feature of Franke as a company, and its employees, unmistakably expressing Franke’s visual identity. It is imperative to treat the logo with all due care.

Franke 100 Years Logo


The Franke 100 years logo stands for the 100 year anniversary
and appears on different Franke communication material.