Waste Disposal Units

Food Waste disposers
All Franke Waste Disposal Units offer easy operation, instant grinding speed and unbeatable guarantees as standard.

Cleaning up after meals is about to get a whole lot easier with a Franke waste disposal unit.

Lightweight and powerful, food scraps are safely and hygienically washed away, rather than left in the bin, creating odours, bacteria and attracting pests. Using a Waste Disposal Unit also helps to conserve landfill. With safety, convenience and performance at their core, there’s a unit for every modern kitchen.

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The Franke waste disposer is a reliable appliance that will offer your household many years of trouble free use. A choice of four units designed to free the kitchen of unsightly and unhygienic organic household waste. Each unit is the essential add-on for ensuring that all Franke appliances and work surfaces remain looking immaculate.

Thanks to a unique, permanent magnet motor, Franke Turbo Plus Waste Disposal Units reach high speed in a split second, producing more torque per kilo than any other of its type. Whilst running water through the unit, food waste is instantly liquefied into fine particles that are easily flushed through the pipework system.

Franke Turbo Plus WDU Common Parts
Franke Turbo WDU Common Parts
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FWD Group is formed by those members of the Association
of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA) who
manufacture food waste disposers.