Minerva tap

The Kettle Tap is suitable for dispensing boiling water (100°C) and hot and cold water. The connections of the mixer section can be connected with appropriate connections directly to the hot and cold water mains. The boiling water hose of the Kettle Tap should be directly connected to the Franke Heating Tank. See Heating Tank Installation Manual.

In this Installation Manual are the instructions for the correct connection and safe use of the Kettle Tap. If the Kettle Tap is not installed according to these instructions the warranty is invalid. The manufacturer is not liable for damages resulting from non-compliance with the installation or user instructions, and is for domestic kitchen use only.



Check the contents of the box


Minerva 3-in-1 Kettle Tap



Caution: This boiling water tap must only be connected to the Franke Heating Tank.


  1. Mount the Franke Heating Tank (see separate Installation manual).
  2. Locate the Minerva 3-in-1 Kettle Tap on the sink or worktop.
    Tip: Choose left or right handed use! This tap delivers boiling water, therefore we recommend that you position the spout opposite to the boiling water control. Bear in mind also the position of the sink bowl(s) and whether you are left or right handed.
    Reverse the hot and cold operation by exchanging the position of the hot and cold water hoses in the tap body.
  3. If necessary drill a hole Ø35mm at least 60mm from the back.
  4. Slide the plinth and the O-ring over the foot.


Franke Minerva 3-in-1 Kettle tap - preparation

1. Slide the 3-in-1 tap with the flexible hoses through the drilled hole.

2. Slide the gasket and retaining plate on to the threaded tube.

3. Tighten the locking spanner firmly.

4. Connect the flexible boiling water hose of the Itho 3-in-1 tap to the boiling water hose of the boiling water

vessel. Make sure to use the gasket between both boiling water hoses. Connect the hot and cold water

hoses with the mains pipes.

The picture illustrates these connections:

a. Cold water, (10mm compression fitting)

b. Hot water, (10mm compression fitting)

c. Boiling water, (connection M10 x 1,25 & gasket)

Caution: Place the gasket


Franke Minerva 3-in1 Kettle Tap - Preparation


Place the gasket between the hose of the tap and the hose of the Heating Tank. A spare gasket is supplied with the Heating Tank.

If necessary, install a filter valve on either side of the water filter for easy access and maintenance.


Filling and venting the heating tank.

  1. Close the boiling water tap.
  2. Open the mains valve.
  3. Open the inlet valve of the pressure relief valve.
  4. Open the boiling water tap.
  5. Wait until water flows from the tap.
  6. Let the water flow for 3 minutes until clear water flows from the tap.
  7. Check for leaks, rectify as necessary.

Continue with the installation of the Franke Heating Tank.


When you start using the Kettle Tap, always flush a cupful of residual water prior to making tea or coffee.

This will eliminate the air bubbles from the surface water of your drink.

Caution: The tap delivers boiling water (at 100˚C) at all times, and care should be taken to avoid scalding.

This appliance is not intended for use by children, users with a physical or mental disability or users with insufficient knowledge, unless they have received adequate instruction on the operation of the appliance by a person who is responsible for their safety. Children must not play with the appliance under any circumstances.

Operation of the boiling water function

  1. It is advisable to hold your cup, teapot or saucepan close to the outlet of the tap spout. This will prevent the water from splashing and enable you to operate the Kettle Tap safely.
  2. Press the release button and turn the knob.
    NB: Releasing the button of the handle will immediately shut off the boiling water supply.

Operation of the Hot/Cold Lever
Utilise the vertical lever in the conventional way for the supply of normal hot, cold or mixed water.

Child safety
The tap is fitted with a childproof control knob which requires a push and turn action to operate it.

Franke Minerva 3-in-1 Kettle Tap - Child safety


The temperature of the water is 100˚C therefore care should be taken to avoid scolding!


The tap aerator may eventually calcify.

Only use cleaners containing citric acid as other cleaning agents may affect the material.

Tap aerator decalcification:

Franke Minerva 3-1 Kettle Tap - aerator
  1. Unscrew the aerator collet.
  2. Clean the aerator with tap a suitable descaling agent.
  3. Replace the aerator insert into the collet.
  4. Replace the o-ring on the aerator and tighten.


Franke Minerva 3-in-1 Kettle Tap - Troubleshooting

This appliance is guaranteed by Franke to be free from material and manufacturing defects. This warranty is valid for 2 years and subject to the terms and conditions stated below.

Any warranty claims should be directed to the Franke service agents: Tel: 0808 165 0008 Email: info@frankefilterflow.co.uk

For Heating Tank warranty terms and conditions see separate Heating Tank Instruction Manual.

The Franke Kettle Tap is guaranteed against defective materials and workmanship for 2 years. Franke will, where appropriate, provide replacement parts for your tap or replace your tap at their discretion. Any associated or ancillary costs to be incurred by you as a result of replacement of the tap or parts under this guarantee shall in all cases be previously approved by Franke UK Limited. This guarantee is in addition to and does not affect your statutory rights.



Franke Minerva 3-in-1 Kettle Tap - Technical Specification


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