Punching Tap Holes

Fragranite - Knocking a tap-hole into the sink

Ensure colour sticker is in the centre of the pre-formed tap-hole.


Follow the descriptive line drawings shown on template or:


  1. Take the sink out of the box and rest the sink vertically against your legs with the face of the sink facing outwards, ensuring that the tap-hole is for the correct hand-drainer. Take care not to damage the edge of the sink in the process.
  2. Take a centre-punch and place on the centre of the colour sticker.
  3. Strike the punch hard with a hammer. This will result in the core of the tap-hole being knocked out.
  4. Finish off, using the ball of the hammer and a round file.
Ceramic - Knocking a tap-hole into the sink

Only drill tap-hole from the top face.


  1. Decide on the pre-punched tap holes you desire.
  2. Measure to find the centre of the pre-punched tap-hole required and cover the area with masking tape.
  3. Using a centre-punch, crack the glaze in the centre of the required hole.
  4. Using a no.8 masonry drill, carefully drill just one small pilot hole from the top.
  5. Enlarge the hole to the required size by carefully using a centrepunch and hammer.