Fragranit Durakleen Plus

How do I best clean my Fragranite Sink?

Franke synthetic sinks are all made from materials which resist staining, providing they are cleaned in the correct manner with an appropriate cleaning agent. Research indicates that staining on synthetic sinks is much more common in hard water areas because limescale tends to cling to the sink surface and unless it is cleaned off properly it becomes stained with tea and coffee etc. It is therefore the limescale which is staining the sink, not the sink material itself. Bleach is not recommended and is not effective, as all it does is bleach the stain rather than remove it.

One of the best ways to maintain the good looks of a synthetic sink is to clean it with Astonish Paste or Cif. This should be applied to the sink, adding some water and then scrubbing with a nylon brush or a Scotchbrite pad, (do not be afraid to scrub hard). This paste should be left on the sink for a few minutes before rinsing off thoroughly. If the sink is cleaned regularly like this it will help to keep it in good order, this will also help to ensure that no water deposits, such as limescale, are left clinging to the surface of the sink. Drying the sink after use is very good practice and should be encouraged.

Astonish Paste is available from John Lewis, Lakeland and some large supermarkets. Alternatively it can be purchased directly from the manufacturer, telephone number 0113 236 0036.


How do I fit the fixing clips to my Fragranite sink?

1.Take clip from bag
2.Knock-in first lug
3.Knock-in second lug
4.Clip is fitted!



How does one knock out a taphole in a Fragranite inset sink?

1. Ensure colour sticker is in centre of pre-formed taphole
2. Follow the description line drawings shown on the template, or:


3.1 Take sink out of box and rest the sink vertically against your legs with the face of the sink facing outwards and ensuring the taphole is for the correct hand drainer (take care not to damage the edge of the sink in the process);
3.2 Take a centre punch and place on the centre of the colour sticker;
3.3 Strike the punch hard with a hammer - this will result in the core of the tap hole being knocked out;
3.4 Finish off using the ball of the hammer and using a round file.