Our Performance

Our performance


The Franke Group published its second Sustainability Report in May 2013. The report fulfills the requirement of the Global Reporting Initiative's (GRI) application level “B” and serves as our Communication on Progress for the UN Global Compact.

The Sustainability Report 2012 aims at giving a fair and balanced account of our sustainability strategy, activities, performance and future plans. It focusses on topics that are relevant to our business success or of major interest of our stakeholders, including:

  • Statement by Alexander Zschokke, President/CEO Franke Group
  • Organizational profile and governance of the Franke Group
  • Economic/financial performance 2012:
        -  Net sales: 2,012 million Swiss francs (+6.2% compared to 2011)
        -  EBIT: 114 million Swiss francs (+35.7%)
  • Environmental management and performance 2012:
        -  Fossil energy consumption: 244 TJ (-5.0% compared to 2011)
        -  Electricity consumption: 99.8 GWh (-7.5%)
        -  CO2 emissions: 66,071 tons (-10.5%)
        -  Water consumption: 705,670 m3 (-16.1%)
        -  Waste: 25,800 tons (+9.2%)
  • Labor practices and performance 2012:
        -  Total workforce: 8,523 FTE (full-time equivalents)
        -  Diversity (female employees): 32%
        -  Employee turnover rate: 14%
        -  Health and safety (lost day rate): 156 days per 100 employees
  • Human rights, anti-corruption and product responsibility


Good practices that were implemented at the Franke Group in the areas of products and services, production and employment can be found under “Our Activities”.


Your feedback is important to us! Please send your comments or inquires about our reports to our Corporate Sustainability department.