Featured Products

Our vision is firmly footed in innovation

We strive to develop innovative equipment, technology, and service solutions that improve restaurant operations and enhance the dining experience of our customers’ patrons. Featured below are many of our latest innovations.


EcoVent Exhaust Treatment System

Through the use of UV technology,the EcoVent Exhaust Treatment System reduces grease and odors emitted through kitchen exhaust hoods by as much as 60%.


Cascade hood filters

High-efficiency hood filters capture up to 3 times more grease than traditional baffle filters.


F3D - Frozen Product Dispenser

Unique dispensing system ensures that frozen food products, such as fries, nuggets, and wings, remain frozen until you need them, yet dispense quickly and easily into the fry basket in three programmable batch sizes.


2-Cup Housing

Using the Franke patent pending adjustable cup tubes, this 2-cup housing can be be wall mounted or placed on a flat surface. Add multiple units which can be stacked horizontally or vertially to create your own custom solution


Adjustable cup tube

Eliminate the hassle of matching cup tubes with cups sizes. These cup tubes adjust to accommodate almost any cup size and style.