Can all taps be used in conjunction with a combi boiler?

Not necessarily. You are advised to check with the manufacturer.

Can I still get spare parts for discontinued taps?

Contact our service agents. More information

How can I prevent my tap 'flexing' on my stainless steel sink?

Occasionally a heavy tap can 'flex' on some large stainless steel sinks. This can be rectified by your tap being braced, and it is not unusual for people to have this kind of problem with a stainless steel sink, and is not a problem emanating from the sink or tap being defective in any way.

To brace the tap, you either need a piece of wood or chipboard which can be screwed across the underside of the worktop cutout and the existing tap can be fixed through a hole in this, or you can utilise a tap brace. In this way the tap is effectively secured to the underside of the strut and not to the underside of the sink, and this reduces any tendency for the sink to flex when the tap is turned on or off.

Franke have recently produced a new patented Tap Brace which will provide a solution to the problem of 'flexing' of heavy taps on some stainless steel sink models. Fitting directly to the worktop, the tap brace has a variable collar which fits all models of taps.

How do I best clean taps?

Refer to the installation instruction sheet. Use only a soft cloth and mild detergent

How do I remove a spout on a Franke tap?

Refer to the Installation Instructions for each tap. Tap spouts are most commonly removed by:

1.Undo the grub screw at the back of the tap
2.Unscrew the collar at the joint with the body
3.Located lug in bayonet

Is water pressure critical when I choose a particular Franke tap?

Flow rate can be affected particularly on the hot side of traditional vented plumbing systems. We do not recommend ceramic disc taps where there is less than 4 metre head of water. For combi boiler installations check with the manufacturer

I've heard that ceramic disc mechanisms never go wrong. Is this true?

Operationally ceramic discs can last for the life of the tap. However, mechanisms can be affected by water borne particles or hard water.

Contact our service agents. More information

What dimension of tailpipes do Franke taps have?

Check the specification sheet for your particular tap. Generally they are 15mm

What is the warranty on Franke taps?

Go to the specification page of a particular tap. Normally this is 5 years on the valve mechanisms and 1 year on the finish of the tap.

Guarantees valid only on products placed and used in normal domestic situations.

Where can I get spare parts and/or replacement accessories?

Contact our service agents. More information

Where can I see a sink/tap similar to the one I am considering?

Contact your nearest retail distributor, by going to the sink/tap section and using the nearest stockist locator on the chosen model, or click the 'Find a Franke Dealer' link shown on each page of our website. Before visiting however, please contact the retailer to check availability of the product

Will my SilkSteel tap match my silk finish stainless steel sink?

Franke taps are designed to complement Franke sinks, and not necessarily match exactly. SilkSteel taps will complement brushed finish appliances such as an oven and hob in your kitchen. Franke stainless steel taps such as the Eos, Panto and Swiss Pro will be a very close match to a stainless steel sink.

What does 'SilkSteel PVD' finish mean?

PVD means Physical Vapour Deposition. This is an industrial process that provides a very resilient and robust finish to the tap, giving it a coating-like appearance.

I have moved house – why does the water taste and smell different?

The makeup of water (including the levels of chlorine) varies from area to area and this will mean that the water may taste or smell slightly different from the water that you were used too. Another reason may be due to our having to alter the treatment process slightly depending on the weather, demand and time of year. These factors all affect the levels of chlorine that we must add to the water which in turn will slightly affect the taste and smell.

Why does my water taste salty?

Incorrectly installed water softeners, fitted to washing machines for example, can cause salty tastes and contaminate the drinking water supply. Do not drink water from water softeners because it contains high levels of salt – you should always use a tap with unsoftened water for cooking and drinking.

Why does my water have a TCP / Metallic taste?

There are several possible causes of unusual tastes or odours in water:

TCP tastes can occur when the internal stop tap has been operated to carry out any work, or if the tap is operated after many years of not being used.  Washers can start can start to degrade over time and cause TCP taste and odour problems.  However this applies more to properties where the internal stop tap is more than a few years old and is seldom or never used.

Since TCP like compounds are formed when the chlorine reacts with plastic or rubber, this sometimes means that the TCP taste is more noticeable when the Chlorine level is highest.  Although Chlorine is added to water continually a demand for water can mean that it may sometimes have a higher level of chlorine in it, for example, in the morning or when you get home from work.

For more information please download the PDF below.

What size taphole cut out do I need for my Franke tap?

Most Franke taps require the industry standard taphole cut out size of 35mm diameter. There are several exceptions to this as follows:

  • Bridge & Bridge Lever - tap requires 2 x 25mm diameter tapholes
  • Olympus Side Spray - tap requires 1 x 35mm taphole, side spray requires 1 x 30mm taphole
  • Augusta & Moritz 3 Hole Taps - require 3 x 28-32mm diameter holes for spout + 2 handles
  • Franke FilterFlow Mini - requires 1 x 20mm diameter taphole
  • Franke FilterFlow Hand Spray - tap requires 1 x 35mm taphole, hand spray requires 1 x 30mm taphole
  • Soap Dispenser - requires 1 x 25mm diameter hole