Boiling Water Taps

Technical Data:

Tank Capacity: 4.7 Litres.

Power Rating: 1500 Watts.

Voltage: 230 Volts. 

Load: 10 Amps.

Heating up time: 22 mins. 

Recovery time: 15 mins.

Is the water really 100°C boiling water?

Yes. The water is stored under pressure at 110°C in the heating tank and is boiling (100°C) when it leaves the spout.

Is there a safety function on the tap?

Yes. The tap has a safety button fitted in the boiling water handle which needs to be activated to operate the boiling water function. When this button is released the handle closes automatically and shuts off the supply of boiling water. As you would expect when dealing with boiling water, sensible precautions need to be taken when operating the boiling water function.

Can I position the boiling water handle to the left or right side?

Yes, the Minerva tap can be installed with the boiling water handle either to the left or the right side. We recommend that you position the spout opposite to the boiling water control when operating, bearing in mind the position of your sink bowl(s) and whether you are left or right handed.

Does the tap get hot in operation?

The Franke Minerva 3-in-1 Kettle Tap has an insulated spout and operating handle.

Can I replace my existing tap with a Minerva tap?

Yes. As the Minerva fits in a standard 35mm tap hole it can be retro-fitted to replace an existing tap.

Do I need to pay to have a separate taphole cut in my granite worktop to install the Minerva tap?

No. The Minerva tap can be installed in a standard 35mm diameter tap hole.

What is the function of the Franke 07 conditioning filter supplied with the Minerva system?

The primary function of the Franke 07 filter, supplied as standard with the Minerva system, is to protect the heating tank from the build-up of limescale deposits and remove chlorine to improve the taste and odour of the boiling water.

How often does the Franke 07 conditioning filter cartridge need replacing?

The Franke 07 filter cartridge should be replaced every 6 months to maintain your warranty. Routine replacement of the filter cartridge is particularly important in hard water areas to prevent limescale forming and potentially damaging the heating tank and the tap.

Does the Minerva tap have a cold filtered water function?

No. The boiling water is filtered, but there is no provision for cold filtered water.

How much space is required to install the Minerva system?

Due to the compact design of the Minerva system – 550mm x 211mm x 142mm high - it will fit comfortably inside a standard 600mm kitchen cabinet. Where space is at a premium the heating tank can be installed in the kick space behind the plinth of the cabinet, but bearing in mind that it will be necessary to provide convenient access to operate the tank reset button.

What electrical power supply is required for the Heating Tank?

The heating tank is supplied complete with a power lead fitted with a standard UK 3 pin plug, for plugging into a standard 220/230 volt household supply.

What is the minimum and maximum water pressure for the Minerva system?

To operate correctly the Minerva heating tank requires both the hot and cold mains water pressure to be minimum 1.5bar (23psi), maximum 5bar (75psi). On no account should the water pressure exceed 5 bar (75psi) or the pressure relief valve will bypass and dispense cold water. We recommend that a professional plumber is employed to measure the water pressure at a low demand period. It is preferable for the hot and cold supply pressures to be equal.

What if the water pressure is above the maximum of 5 bar?

A Pressure Reducing Valve should be installed in the water supply to the heating tank.

What is the boiling water recovery time?

The Minerva tap will dispense up to 47 cups of 100°C boiling water per hour with a recovery time of 15 minutes from empty.

Is it cheaper to operate than my normal kettle?

Boiling a kettle can be a waste of water and time; the Minerva Kettle Tap is effectively insulated and unlike a kettle there is no waste of boiling water, meaning less energy used and savings in water and electricity.

  • Output per day (Watt): 15.6
  • Output per year (kWh): 136.7
  • Usage (kWh) (equiv. 1.551 per day): 59
  • Total Usage (kWh): 195.7
  • Total Cost (kWh = 0.215): € 42.07
My fitter has plugged in the tank and switched on the power supply before filling it with water and tripped the safety override; what can he do?

The Tank is fitted with a reset button positioned under a black plastic cover on the front left hand side of the tank which can be operated to restart the tank.

I live in a hard water area – is this a problem?

Like any kettle this depends on how hard the water is in a particular area. If you have a particular issue with limescale, you can contact Franke FilterFlow on 0808 165 0008 to get another Inline Filter or a replacement type of filter that will do the job of reducing limescale.

I am going on holiday – what should I do?

Simply unplug the Heating Tank whilst you are away. On your return, plug the unit back in and turn on the boiling water tap to drain the water from the tank. Once the tank has refilled and heated (22 minutes) the tap can be used in the normal way.

What is the warranty period?

The warranty period is 2 years on the Heating Tank and 2 years on the Minerva 3-in-1 Kettle Tap.

Guarantees valid only on products placed and used in normal domestic situations.

What does 'SilkSteel PVD' finish mean?

PVD means Physical Vapour Deposition. This is an advanced industrial process that provides a more durable finish to the tap.