Coffee - The exquisite coffee bean

Coffee - Did you know...?
  • Main cultivation areas: Latin America, Asia, Africa. Also known as the coffee belt, ranging from 23° north to 25° south of the Equator.
  • Coffee berries are either picked mechanically or by hand, and the beans are separated from the pulp. They are then cleaned and treated through a wet or dry method.
  • There are two species of coffee worldwide: Arabica (⅔ market share) and Robusta (⅓). The more preciouse one is the Arabica bean with its delicate acidity. By contrast Robusta coffees have a slightly lower acidity and more body.
  • The green coffee is roasted in different ways, depending on its type and provenance. The roasting time, temperature and blend ratio determine the various coffee blends supplied by the roasters.