Quality / Technology



Filling Adapter

For bottling of smaller sized kegs with less diameter (e.g. slim kegs) on the existing bottling line.



Burst Disc

Safety device, which opens automatically when internal overpressure arises.



  • Silk print
  • Etching
  • Embossed
  • Laser inscription
  • Engraved 
  • Stickers/Labelling


Colour Labelling/ Identification

Colour band can be placed round the keg body.



Keg Body

Two deep drawn stainless steel half shells, welded together by continuous and splatter free TIG-welded central seam without using any additional additives for welding.



Extractor tube/ Spear

The extractor tube (or spear) is a pipe inside the keg which is necessary for the cleaning, filling and tapping process.

There are different types of extractor tubes:

  • Flat
  • Flat, Trilobe
  • Basket/ Well type
  • Combi
  • Draft
  • Soft Drink



Is placed at the top chime. The handhold is ergonomically designed for easy handling - Franke kegs are perfectly deburred and injury-proof.



Manufacturer Details

The manufacturer details are engraved on the top chime and contain essential production information of the keg.

  • Manufacturer
  • Volume
  • Material
  • Year of manufacture
  • Operating pressure



Cylindric returnable stainless steel container in different sizes and volumes. Especially developed for industrial filling as well as for hygienic storage. In 1964, this system was established in Great Britain for the first time.




The neck is TIG-welded twice - once from outside, once from inside. This feature provides the neck highest consistency. By implementing a minimum of amount of energy the material is treated with the maximum care.




The rim is placed on top and bottom chime and gives the keg additional stability due to extreme forming.



Welding Process

Two different processes for welding are applied for the keg production:

  • TIG-welding process (Tungsten Inert Gas) without any additional material for higher shoulder protection due to overlapping of top and bottom chimes onto the keg body with a bright surface. (see picture on the left)
  • MAG-welding process (Metal Active Gas) with matt-pickled surface. (see picture on the right)


Roll Rim

Roll rims are dents, mechanical formed from the inside to the outside of the keg body, which results in improved strength properties of the material and therefore in higher stability.




Due to a special design of the bottom chime the keg becomes stackable.
Your benefit: easy transport as well as space-saving storage.



2D-Barcode Label

In line with our Franke Quality Assurance, we have succeeded in introducing a permanent 2D-Barcode label on every keg. This applies to the production of new kegs as well as for Franke Keg Service.
The label has the dimension 25 x 25 mm. The international code type of our labels is: Data Matrix ECC 200.
The 2D-Barcode label will be scanned and data will be stored at each specific working place within our production process. This enables us to guarantee a clear traceability and quality control of each manufacturing step. 
The application of laser-etched codes is also possible.