About us


Franke Beverage Systems is a leading global supplier of stainless steel kegs for the beverage industry and is part of the internationally active Franke Group (Aarburg, Switzerland). Franke Beverage Systems has more than 140 employees in Germany and 40 in the USA. All new kegs are made in Germany in Kreuztal. LaVergne/TN is our US-base for Keg Services and Kegs from Stock (so called Kwik Kegs).

Franke kegs are made of stainless steel providing superior results in terms of RELIABILITY, EFFICIENCY and SUSTAINABILITY as proven in a Lifecycle Analysis. The stainless steel keg provides the best packaging for beer, wine or other beverages on their way from production to the point of sale. With the 30-YEAR WARRANTY Franke goes way beyond a marketing message to ensure customers a reliable, long lasting asset “Made in Germany”.

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